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indir (14)The world has changed as a complex, “information age”. Because of the incredible technological developments, the access of information has started to be easier by digitalization.

The application of information has changed by developing technologies and much of these information is related to individuals. The credit and debit cards, phone and store cards has been using from most of people since they are created. However, society has forgotten that these things can all are used to record where we are and what we do. The Law for data protection aims to protect individual rights to privacy by regulating the collection, use and dissemination of such personal information. Furthermore, there are many European and International treaties that have been signed on the protection of personal data.

In Turkey, the lawmaker has regulated to keep safe of personal data according to European standart. Indeed, this legislation brings heavy sanctions against legal violations on protection of personal data. In this manner, the companies in private sector have to be respectful in presence of individual data. Otherwise these companies can be fined up to 1 million administrative fine.

The legislation has banned the recording of personal data without the consent express of persons. Besides, every institution and agency has to hire a person called “data responsible”  who will be responsible of saving the personal data processing. On the other hand, the person who works in public institution and responsible for saving the personal data processing if he acts against the legislation could receive disciplinary punishment.

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